Netscaler gateway

NetScaler Gateway refers to their Application Delivery Controller, or ADC, line of products, while the NetScaler Gateway, formerly known as the CAG, is primarily used for secure remote control.

To log on to the GUI, follow these steps: Open your web browser and enter the NetScaler Gateway (NSIP) as an HTTP address. If you have not yet set up the initial configuration, enter the default NSIP ( The Login page appears (ultimatix)

You can directly use TCS Webmail login on the Official website.

In the Netscaler gateway site, select Manage secure client access > Edit secure client access settings. Change the Access Method to Netscaler Gateway Direct. Enter the FQDN of the NetScaler Gateway. Enter the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) information.


Citrix receiver is an all-in-one web application delivery controller (ADC) that makes applications run up to five times faster, cuts web application ownership costs with server offloading, and makes sure that applications are always available with its application load balancing capabilities.


Citrix receiver: The Netscaler Gateway is a hardened appliance deployed in an organization's DMZ that secures all traffic with standards-based SSL and TLS encryption. It serves as a complete replacement for Secure Gateway servers or traditional IPSec VPN devices.